Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Ken and 2 Bobs

Who's that across the street from Emporio Armani? Why its K2B of course? What? You mean you haven't heard of this fabulous new line yet? Well, you will! This new company was started by Ken and 2 Bobs. Ken has an illustrious background including being the former media strategist for Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Steve Tyler (Aerosmith), Todd Rundgren and Ted Nugent just to name a few; an inventor of the wireless guitar; and founder and (former) president of BelCom, Inc., a pioneering provider of private overlay local, domestic and international satellite and terrestrial telecommunications systems for clients such as Chevron, BP and Radisson in the former USSR. The two Bobs are no less illustrious. Bob Bishop is Ken's best friend and the "smartest electrical engineer/physicist on earth" who co-founded BelCom with him. His relationship with scientists is key to their venture. "Software's Kingmaker," according to "Business Week" is Bobby #2--Bobby Orbach. Legend has it that at the first Comdex, he let Bill Gates use a corner of his table (to hawk Z-80 processors), and so to this day remains known as "Mr. Comdex." Mr. Orbach also put 47th Street Photo into the PC software/hardware business.

Special guests were Nurlan Alibaev and his wife Zoryeh -- from Almaty. Nurlan is the top communications guy in Kazakhstan, who partners with satellite, national TV, local wireless cable, etc. companies. Zoryeh just opened probably Almaty's best art shop, "Living Space."

Alla, Kenny's wife and award winning Russian actress just returned from Moscow and the premier of her new film "I Want to Go to Prison" at Dom Kino. The night before the premier, she was interviewed live for an hour on NTV, and "invited" viewers to the premier. Well, Moscow being the way it is, so many people showed up, the militia had to be called! Other guests including internet technology provider Octet president Tatiana Aleksa, Kirill M. Sirotinskiy, Ivan Eliashevish and of course my good friend Ilya (of the Ilya and Adeo fame) dressed in classic 1940 KGB outfit. Unexpected surprise guests (for them as for me) were Mr. Mark Stahlman and DejaNews Debbie Neuman. All the little tempting sweets and vodka were merrily consumed in the spirit of good things and as I left Kenny's wife and award-winning Russian actress Alla was firing up an educational CD-Rom for little Kibo to play (www.kibo.com).