Friday, February 12, 1999

Publisher's Note ~ A Rant on Bad Computer Repair, Customer Service

In today's climate of accelerated customer service, I must honestly admit that being the recipient of abominably horrible customer service is not only a shock to one's sensibility, but also to one's pocketbook.

As some of you may know, my Dear Old Sweet 1995 Zeos computer died a miserable death with two "attacks" and loss of data. Okay, okay, so I didn’t' take my vitamins and eat a healthy diet. I didn't back-up every week. Sometimes I was so cavalier as to not back up every month. Well, I paid my price.

However. (and yes, that's a BIG however.), the consumer (albeit silly for not being stringent enough to back up at every given opportunity), should not have to suffer the additional insult and burden of poor service from a computer repair place.

Readers who are familiar with my column-turned-newsletter-of-sorts might be shocked by my tyrannical rant, as I am not usually wont to do. However. (again). I have been pushed over and over again by incremental measures that have brought me to this frenzied state of uncontrollable impropriety by even shouting to one of the computer "service" representatives "I have never received such poor customer service and I … will NOT recommend you to ANY of my friends and colleagues in the industry!!!!" And I made clear who I was and who my friends were and how far my reach went. Okay, so it's the New York Silicon Alley cyber scene world. But. (and there's a "but") I have learned that my reach goes further than my front door, which is as far as I thought it went.

Anyway. If you’d like a non-recommendation of a terribly horrible scarring-experience computer repair place, just give me a call and I'll squawk their condemnations till the end of time. Or, you can read further in the newsletter where I'll reveal the incompetent, uncommunicative, misrepresentative, evil repair "doctors."

Okay, enough rant. On to the good stuff. And there's plenty of that too. So much in fact, that I said to myself, "Self. You must just write a tiny blurb and lead readers to the web site where they can read the full, unabridged version.

And so. ONwards to one of the most exciting weeks in Silicon Alley:

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