Friday, February 26, 1999's In Sync

Hey! I finally got something other than a baseball cap at an event. gave out those kewl fisherman/rapper hats and a CD with phat songs from grooveJam, an intelligent real musician-based band, on their Thursday, February 25 party at the Spy bar. It's good to have these kinds of events every now and then. It helps company spirit and morale. And it gives everyone a chance to get out before 10PM!" Todd Krizelman, co-founder and CEO of The Globe took some time out to tell me a bit about how things are going with his high profile-high visibility company. Stephan Paternot, co-founder and CEO also excused himself from some guests to chat and make sure I met the right people, including Gregory Mihalcheon, the marketing guy (and architect to boot) for Totally in sync with The Globe's vision of community, this band, with members from jamiroquai, the brand new heavies and primal scream, is all about real world musicians, music, and getting together with childhood and new friends alike. Scott Witt an "OgilvyOne Fellow" and Andrew Wagner (Venture Direct) were hangin' with more @dventure crew and Marnie Kotak of Virtual Growth. She proudly told us of how Virtual Growth rocked SAR '99 with their guerilla marketing tactics, Devin Voorsanger (Venture Direct) debated that Silicon Alley Connections actually is even better with their "Have you seen Salley?" stickers that are cropping up everywhere. Howard Koval of was there with Jeff Hearon. Pamela Parker, cyberjournalist about town was in the massive coat check line and we chatted about the massive parties in town.