Friday, February 12, 1999

Togglethis Birthday Party

 With a Twister game on the wall, impressive PEZ collection taped to a table, Scooby
 Doo masks and an apparently stolen topiary set (swiped in a moment of giddiness from
 some other office's Holiday party), the Togglethis office space exudes playfulness,
 creativity and a sense of FUN. A good environment for a company that sold its first
 product (and character) to Time Warner and has about three more launches coming
 up. "Hurt Herman--the freak who feels no pain" is another game they'll be releasing.
 Go ahead! Chop off his arms with a chainsaw--he loves it! You can play this starting
 March 1st at the Togglethis site. So what's all the hubbabaloo about? They're 4-years
 old this year! Jason Scott, COO of the firm was only one of the company's own who
 emanated enthusiasm for the company and its direction and growth. They're going to
 be hiring a lot quite soon, he said. Supporters who came out to celebrate with them
 included Garnet Heraman and Craig Zolan of University Ventures, Mark Frisk of
 Vcast and Diana Scott-Monck of A keg and bottles of wine quenched the
 thirst of guests who happily snacked on cookies, candies, pretzels and endive hors
 d'oeuvres. With an energetic and fun group like this, Togglethis creates a lot of online

TOGGLETHIS 151 West 25th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues), 3rd floor