Friday, February 26, 1999

A report from Cabo San Lucas, by Anne Yoakam

I'm back from Baja to report a wonderful time at the ADAC Laboratories President's Club Weekend. Imagine the top forty performers of an aggressive Silicon Valley company at a resort so brand-new only 4 phone lines had been installed (the CEO got 2).

Cellular phones and pagers were out of range...their only choice was to
relax and party in Cabo San Lucas' chicest new spot. Alex and I and our team won the Jeep Road Rally. The impact both Silicon Valley and Alley has had on the once quiet destination is visible... When I was in college in San Diego, my friends and I loved to drive down the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula with a full view of the gorgeous ocean...the only obstruction was an occasional old-fashioned hotel like something out of a film noir. Once crowned exclusively by just one fine resort,
Cabo Real -- today on the tip of the peninsula, at least a dozen major
hotels are under construction. The sophisticated Las Ventanas is
featured in Town & Country (our vote for best cuisine). Our venue, the
mosaic-domed terracotta Spanish-style Hacienda Del Mar, masters old
world rustic grandeur with contemporary luxury -- the perfect vacation
spot for Silicon Valley and Alley stars. The setting is like an Arizona
Ranch with a beach -- my idea of heaven.