Sunday, February 07, 1999

David Blumenstein's party

Thursday is always a banner day in New York nightlife. Couple that with Toy Fair
 being in town and it just being a banner day for (birthday)parties, then you've got the
 makings of a short novel/cyber column.
 You only turn 35 once, right? So its only befitting to have a big party with all your
 friends and colleagues. Well, World, David Blumenstein turned 35 on Sunday,
 February 7th and celebrated in style at Lola with about 100 of his closest friends.
 Check out all the pictures compliments of Dennis Sheil, who stole my seat, but
 apologized profusely after being made aware of his mistake. Entirely forgive (I was
 jumping around too much anyway). Bonnie
 Halpern was stunningly elegant in a black velvet strapless gown, Tery Spataro was a
 magnetic as ever, Jesse Erlbaum of Vanguard Media was his polite, intelligent and
 conversational self and Ross Von Burg was as enthusiastic about his new video
 performance space and group as ever. Ross's non-profit art gallery "Smack, Mellon
 Studios" in DUMBO (Brooklyn) is 4 stories and 15,000 square feet with 40' ceilings.
 Zounds! Katie Lukas, Mike Gannon, Jodie Kahn (24/7), Manos Megagiannis
 (TeKnowledge) and Katie Scheding all also came out to cheer on a good friend and
 seasoned programmer/hacker/Alleyer. Here's to many more!