Thursday, February 18, 1999

White Columns launch of Blind Spot

Spring is 'round the corner and I'm almost "outta" here! Well, not really, but I was "out at" an ada'web party on Wednesday, Feb. 18th. The White Columns gallery on Christopher Street was the sparse backdrop for the celebratory launch of their project Blind Spot, written by Darcy Steinke. Vivian Selbo (Artist) graciously spoke with me about the event. Cherise Fong, who designed the project with Vivian and Ainatte Inbal, was helping guests navigate the site from a computer in a small side room. Darcy, who had not written for the web before, was approached by ada'web, shown around the net, went away to write something, and began to learn all about the exciting collaborative process of building a web-based project. Video monitors showed off another ada'web project. Matteo Ames ( looked sharp in his suit and bow-tie. He told me about some exciting inventions (not all digital) he's working on and about poetry online. Other arty types were in attendance at this strictly red wine (and Rolling Rock) affair. The women were fashionably sporting bright tops with colorful silk cigarette pants, or short skirts of varied materials. The guys were straight out of a Details Mag. Ted Werth (Digital Club Network) was positively beaming after just returning from MILIA. His first time in Paris, he reported that this city of romance was a beautiful backdrop for the conference held during the week of Valentine's Day. He and Andrew Raisej (Digital Club Network) stayed across the street from the conference and put on a fabu cocktail party one night. There were about 30 - 40 Silicon Alley-ers in town and many were forming "gangs" and squeezing into the restaurants.