Friday, February 26, 1999

The Cyber Scene in Vancouver, by John McLean-Foreman

Ah. Rain, rain, rain. If I were a plant I would be in Nirvana.
Thankfully, I had opportunity remove myself from the grey that makes up our winter and go to my first event this week. In the standard irony that seems to play such a large part in my life, it was put on by a couple of New Yorkers, Mitchell Schlimer and Michael Ringel of the "Let's Talk Business Network", who have set up a branch of their business here in Vancouver. The purpose of this company is not only to give the solitary entrepreneur a peer group, but access to a coach (Allan Holender), ideas, brainstorming groups and so on. Go to to find out more.

The guests ran from people in the film industry, to new media to those
setting up their own franchises. Of the many faces there, I only recognized Macolm Collings of Cinax Designs Inc. who, as he was leaving, introduced me to Rick Griffiths of PricewaterhouseCoopers. And I thought my name was long.

The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound (CDIS), has expanded its 22,000 sq ft campus in Burnaby to include high-end training in special effects. For more information on special effects training and other programs at CDIS call the Counseling Department at (604) 298-5400 or check out the college's website at .

Here is some interesting news for those Americans who somehow believe us when we tell them, "Oh yes! We really do live in igloos." If you really want to know what Canada is like, then you will need to check out what Ingenuity Works Inc. is up to. ( Starting on April 15th and continuing for a 9 week period, 3 bicycle teams will be travelling across our rather enormous and greatly underpopulated country. As the cyclists experience the stories, culture and heritage of Canada, they will share those discoveries with students on an interactive web site at . When I spoke to Cris Leykauf, I misunderstood her at first and thought she had said that only ONE team was going to do it. She laughed and said that when training, the cyclists only
go about 200km a day. Oh is that all?