Friday, February 26, 1999

Non-Profits Promote Education & Technology

On the heels of Harvard's Cyberposium, NYU's Technology and New Media Group at the Stern School of Business is hosting a small conference for MBA's and companies in Silicon Alley today, Feb. 26. And NYNMA's Education SIG hosted a panel on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd on "New York's Engineering Schools & Silicon Alley: What Can We Do For Each Other?" Presented with the New York Software Industry Association (NYSIA) and supported by Cooper Union, the attendance was mostly educators and people interested in the alliances. Speakers from the engineering departments at Cooper Union, Columbia, Stevens Institute, Brooklyn Polytechnic and City College all spoke on their programs and what they are doing. But what are they doing together? Moderator Eva Klein readdressed this and followed up with "let's see what's going on next year." Karsten Andersen, Project Manager of Tele DanMark ( and I discussed this very question afterwards and discovered it seems to be an international challenge.