Thursday, December 14, 2000

Thursday's Cheer and Bigstar/Advaya

From the Bowery to the Bronx, West Side to East Side, there were more holiday parties to keep networkers busy. From office parties to social balls, the festivities wouldn't stop and on the biggest night out of the week I chose to luxuriously attend just one soiree (I know, "how devilish!") First let me tell you about the others - the party for all the youngsters feeling hip (iLounge) was at the Limelight and boasted booming music and bevies of beauties and buffsters boozin' it up for good... NYSIA held yet another holiday SIG party - this time the Sales and Marketing SIG at Recess on Spring Street and called out to all the marketers and sales hipsters. The WWWAC group held their monthly gathering in the Canadian Consulate and began it's process of getting WWWACsters and interested parties alike who want to make a difference. They're getting ready to have board member elections again, so if you're interested, stop by

Breaking from tradition, Bigstar/Advaya held their 3rd annual holiday party at the charming French bistro Pierrot in the Lower East Side. CEO David Friedensohn was looking buff and tanned and in good spirits, placing Veuve Cliquots in guests hands if they were empty. He introduced me to some Advayans as I kiss-kissed folks I knew like Michael Palazzolo and Joli Halper.

Dan Kelemen, Jordan Orlando, Brendan Kennedy and Bill Johnston made a good set for a picture and I chatted with Lise McDermott and met attorney John Johnson of Donaldson & Johnson. Mike Cohen told me some news of his new venture (ready for publication in a few weeks). He introduced me to's president William Claps and Woffex's Cathleen Rittereiser. PumPum's Ofer Cohen and Aqua Creations' Limor Goren stopped in for a holiday drink or two, as did Nicoletta and Andy Pickup (Wall Street Transcript). Polyverse's president Kamuti Kiteme and Joanne Weiss were equally enjoying the free-flowing beverages, waiting till midnight when they'd be at Matt E. Silver's Rabbi dance at his Polyverse party. More employees and guests continue to toast and enjoy each other's company despite market downturns. It was a fine holiday party and everyone even got a luxurious long-sleeved Advaya branded shirt!