Friday, December 22, 2000

TCS Intro ~ 12/22/00

Holiday cards have been lining our walls, and all the festive
decorations around New York City are just some of the elements
that make December and the holiday season one of the most magical
in town. Tourism numbers are up higher than they've ever been, and
shows on Broadway, Bryant Park (Kaleidescape), Grand Central (laser show), Radio City Music Hall, and various parks and attractions add excitement to the season's festivities. Garlands, wreaths, Christmas trees and Menorahs are dressing up window displays, doors, transoms and buildings for dressed-up people on the inside. With shop windows brimming with glittery gifts tempting you, the city is replete with holiday cheer that can lift even the most dour dot-com sourpuss face.

This year was a wild one with a phenomenal start that continued until
the fateful month of April and stock market downturn. Now in December,
the industry is still shocked by the reality check its gotten and continues to get. Yet most people also are quite cognizant of the healthy cleansing the industry is getting. I believe 2001 will be another year of successes. January will bring the usual sense of renewal and hope, and by March things should be marching along again. We're planning on starting the year right with our Black Tie benefit on January 25th at the new W Hotel on Union Square. Working with the NYC Office for Corporate Partnerships and benefiting the East Harlem Tech

Junior High School, we aim to involve with the schools as many
companies in Silicon Alley as we can. And from there we've got
cocktail parties, Morning Circles, conferences and more fun things
for you to sink your teeth into. Just remember, we're aiming to offer
you events of a higher caliber, events focusing on high-end
networking with people that are the leaders, movers, shakers
and real thinkers in an organization. Please drop us a line with
any suggestions, comments or questions! (