Monday, December 11, 2000

NYNMA's Toy-Delight Holiday Party

Holiday parties are in full swing now, and this week started off on
Monday at the New York New Media Association's annual holiday party
at the Toy Center. As I was arriving, NYNMA Executive Director
Alice O'Rourke was greeting guests, while inside NYNMA's Dawn
Barber and Ellen Auwarter welcomed festive partiers. DeltaThree's
Sharon Tolpin and's Pamela Parker were well heeled
in pointy and square-toed boots, respectively. Abridge's President
Susan Hunt Stevens came over to chat as Raphi Salem handed me a
purse of gold chocolate coins. Walking into the old oak bar room
decked with festive garlands, I said hello to Echo Network's James
Propp and OnCom's Heide Lee Alexander. AllTrue's Matt Heindl was
festive in his burgundy shirt and Tonic Studio's Eddie Scannell.
Writer Mary Jo Fahey, Founder and CEO Margo Crespin,
TechExpo's Bradford Rand and Tatiana Byron, and I were all catching
up when Catherine Hipp came over to chat. I-Hatch's Chip Austin
Mimeo's Jeff Stewart and WebCinema's Jon Sarno spoke about the
change in the industry and the season's upcoming parties.'s Jon Perkel and Morgan Communications Dan Hall joined us,
and we met Dialpad's Christopher Graff. The Shooting Gallery's
Colin Weil came over to say hello before Crossover Technologies's
Eric Goldberg introduced me to AtNewYork's Erin Joyce. Virtual
Growth's Ron Kustal and Etensity's Michael Keating were in high
spirits as the evening neared its end. I couldn't leave without
admiring the Gingerbread House -- a fun twist on Bricks & Mortar!