Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Buzzing Bees Bristle in a Bus

The weather outside was frightful, but the spirits inside were
delightful. Tuesday, December 12th, was a night of more wild winds
in Silicon Alley, making the party goers bustle more to get to
their rounds. In Chinatown, the third-floor elevator opened up to
reveal a large school bus, complete with computers and reference
books perched on counters where the seats used to be. Buzz PR found
an office space with two architectural firms, one of which
dismantled this bus and carted it into the building via skylight.
After Advaya's Joli Halper introduced me to Buzz PR's partners'
Rick Smotkin, Robin Goetz and Carrie Brenner, I wandered throughout
the hoppin' joint. The DJ was spinning the vinyl, and Chinese food
was piping as guests lined up to sample the treats. Creative Good's
Matthew Mahoney told me how their firm is faring (quite well!) in
these times, and Macedon Mediature's Shaun Nanavati came over to
say hello and to speak about his role as a board member on
Philadelphia's Port of Technology. Inside one of the other shared
offices was the Interactive Internet Studios team, mingling around
their newspaper clippings of Gore and Bush. Christian Schwab showed
me the videos they produced for Der Spiegel and introduced me to
Catja Prykop, Norbert Koenig and Time Knoche. As guests kept
filling in from the frosty night, Buzz clients like Nick Cogan,
Josh and Mike Kimberg were enjoying the fine spirits, like the
spiked egg nog, and Carrie Brenner told me about their exciting
start and growth since August.