Monday, December 11, 2000

NYSIA's Election-ary Holiday

The election results were finally in, but on Monday night NYSIA
hosted a panel discussion on "Democracy in the Information Age."
NYSIA board member Larry Aronson, who worked on programming exit
polls in past years, moderated the lively discussion with's CEO Bob Fertik,'s VP Mark Strama and
JCL/APL Inc.'s Chris Lincoln, who also was a technical freelancer
with the Voter News Service and wrote a lot of the code for the
exit polls. Questions ensued, and afterwards the holiday party
picked up where it left off before the panel. NYSIA executive
director Bruce Bernstein introduced me to Miles Matthews, who told
me about his wildly popular Multi-Cultural Sig. And as the winter
winds continued to blow, the business card swapping took on an
increased frenzy.