Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Elegant Sophistication

The elegantly inscribed printed invitation belied the modern,
hip reputation Jumpcut has built, but the company's sit-down
dinner party was a modern version of that very traditional event.
With grand, round tables and seating charts, Jumpcuts guests -
managers, investors, clients and other higher-ups - feasted on a
three-course, organic meal prepared by Herban Kitchen.
Jumpcut's Carryl Pierre(who planned the event), Peter Cirello and I chatted for a long time about all sorts of trivial and non-trivial topics, good ol' classic, dinner-party chatter. CEO Marc Scarpa entertained guests at his table, including investor Atlas Ventures' Claudio Bertuccioli. The spacious, high-ceiling'd room was their studio for production, with smaller studios off in the back for photo shoots, editing and more. The coat-check for the evening was the green room,
painted in a lovely green and complete with a showered bathroom.
Upstairs their offices have the modern warehouse look - hard,
plastic shades as walls, and aluminum and steel girders as structural
elements. You can get to the management offices through maize-yellow
doors, and that classic, Silicon Alley orange adorns the reception area wall. Look out for more news from Jumpcut as they begin their full-service offerings with immersive and digital media.