Tuesday, December 19, 2000

NYSMA Holiday Party and Food Feast

Midtown New York is brimming with oversized, festive ornaments;
trees; lights; and toy soldiers. It was amidst all that cheer that
I found the New York Streaming Media holiday party at alliance
member agency7's office. The evening featured Glittering city views
from the rooftop. Fantastically yummy treats were provided
by alliance member Chef Ashbell, who has wholly immersed himself in
streaming media. The offices were packed with streaming-interested
folks, and I started off chatting with Healthology's Jonathan
Foster and Syncro Services' David Hodgson, who told me that SYF.com
really meant "Single YoungFemale." Interesting translation. Gold
sponsor of the event, SpireKnowledge's Steve Jones, came over to
say hello and introduce me to Parabasis' Jeffrey Pill, who is the
former editor-in-chief of the National Lampoon. BrainPixel's Jenson
Ko and International Internet Strategies' Barney Lehrer were
chatting it up. When I met Agency7's co-founder Robin Campbell, she
told me about her firm's post-production company, Refinery, and
their product, NetCandy. The other gold sponsor, iNEXTV,
also had representation at the soiree, and I met Christy Ashley as
the evening was winding down. Digsville.com President and Founder
Helen Bergstein told me about her apartment/home-swapping service
for travelers. I also chatted briefly with KarmaCom's Karma
Martell, who was instrumental in planning the event. Chef Ashbell
told me of his streaming shows in France and London, and other
guests like iStreamTV's Chip Ruhnke were networking amidst all the
cosmopolitan drinking. Before leaving, I chatted with TechTV's
Andrew Simon. The Christmas tree twinkled, and holiday
cards covered the walls, cookies were passed around, and guests
were savoring the final moments of holiday cheer before heading out
into the chilly night.