Thursday, December 21, 2000

3D Holiday

In a simple but elegant office in midtown,
and held their office holiday party for
friends, colleagues and clients, and showcased their 3D technology.
Kizna's VP Feisal Afzal introduced me to Adia Global Managing
Partner Matthew Keddy, Mathieu Thomasser and Djamila Keloua.
In his office, CEO Hima Furuta demonstrated his
company's 3D product. From just two pictures, a 3D rendering
could occur. He showcased the e-commerce capabilities by showing
four photos of an SUV to create a fully modeled 3D version of the
car. Fashion designers could showcase designs, and beauty companies
could show actual faces without having to worry about features not on
an axis. With no downloads necessary, the whole program works in java.
Excite@Home's Schott Keddy and Netsearchers Howard Rosenberg were among
the guests who came to see friends and meet new ones. Isn't that part
of what the holidays are all about?