Thursday, December 07, 2000

Holiday Office Parties Swing

            Kicking off the round of office parties, I stopped by the offices of
            Boutique Y3K and Connors Communications on Thursday night, December 7.
            Boutique Y3K was festively outfitted with blue and white cards hanging in
            a line on the wall and silvery ornaments dangling from the ceiling. CEO
            and Founder Cecilia Pagkalinawan looked sexy as usual in red leather
            pants, and the rest of the crew was equally trendy looking. I met IT
            Manager Kevin Archer and snacked on a cookie before taking a quick tour
            of their colorful offices. Then it was a quick trip down to Connors
            Communications headquarters on 21st street. Now on two floors with a
            spiral staircase in between, the office looked great with staff, friends
            and clients still partying hard with beverages and holiday cookies. I
            chatted with the witty RealtyIQ Business Development VP Jared Carney,
            while sipping some holiday wine. Jupiter's Kate Berg introduced me to
            Gartner's CEO Michael Fleisher. Connors' Michael Delehanty and Alayna
            Tagariello came by to say "hi" and chatted a bit about their busy lives -
            lives that will only get busier as December rushes by!