Friday, December 15, 2000


In an attempt to help facilitate better networking for new media professionals and "Scenesters," here are some points that will be added during the weeks. They will be archived.

Holiday Party etiquette - for the new employee

1.  Watch out for that egg nog.  Everyone wants to have a good time at a
holiday party, but if you're not sure what is appropriate, err on the
conversative side until you have a better feeling for your co-worker's party
behavior.  You don't want to be forced to call in sick the morning after the

2.  Perhaps you are a new manager and haven't worked with your staff very
long.  While you weren't there to observe this, your colleagues worked hard
all year - they deserve to at least be recognized for their efforts, if not

3.  If office morale is low, come up with ways to gear everyone up for a more
prosperous new year.

4.  Don't let the dot-com downturns spoil your holiday spirit. Tis the season to thank those important to us, who've helped us and who we care about. Whether a card, special words of thanks, Flooz, cash or a gift, take the time to let others know how they're valued. And--more importantly--remember the non-commerical aspects and reasons of why we celebrate as you carry on with holiday festivities.