Wednesday, October 11, 2000

TCS Intro: 10/11/00 -and- CyberScene TV

Welcome to this week's Cyber Scene newsletter. This week we thought
we'd send our announcement about our Cyber Scene TV shows. We just
completed one, with Jumpcut handling production, and have thirteen
more shows archived at
online at:

CyberScene TV aims to inform and entertain those in the industry
and those curious about it. Initially beginning with full-length
shows broken into several clips, the show focused on exploring the
"cyber scene" in various cities. Three main elements defined the
show: how the new media industry got started in that particular
town; an in-depth personality profile of a major player or
up-and-comer; and a glimpse into that week's parties. Currently
there are shows on New York, London, Austin and the South by
Southwest Conference. The show's format is evolving to a weekly
production schedule of short clips about the news and events of
the week for different cities. CyberScene TV will have an on-air
component as well.

We're signing up sponsors and advertisers as we gear up for a full
production schedule. Please email: if interested
in these opportunities.


We'll return to our regular schedule of the newsletter next Friday,
October 20th, with reports from London, Boston and our other Cyber
Scene intrepid reporters.