Sunday, October 22, 2000

Bites bytes and bye

After a day planning networking events around the world I found
myself in a long line of anxious networkers in the World Trade
Center waiting patiently for the elevator to ascend to the 107th
floor. This time, Lisa Novitt threw a great Bites Bytes and Bar
bash at Windows on the World.  This was her final BB&B and it was
fantastic. Essentially, Silicon Alley is becoming a microcosm of
this internet world.  As I was greeted in the ballroom by a waiter
carrying glasses of champagne, I was pleasantly surprised to meet
Howard "Howie" Seasonwien of 3 Seasons Marketing. When I asked Howie
about his company, he began with a story. "Remember when you were a
kid and you heard the ice cream truck a mile down the road?" As a
result, Howie bought an ice cream truck and headed to college. Soon
he became known at "the ice cream man" on campus and decided to start
his business, 3 Seasons Marketing.  Howie introduced me to a friend of
his, Francis (Mickey) Keegan and Gil Bindelglas from Cortel Business
Systems. Cortel Business systems, Inc., is a regional full-service
communications company providing reliable voice, data and Internet
solutions to the business and institutional community.  As an
Internet/Application Service Provider and systems integrator, Cortel
designs, installs, maintains and project manages customized
telecommunications solutions for its clients.  Soon the room was full
of hungry networkers and this one had to vacate the premise onto
another event finishing at the gym.