Tuesday, October 31, 2000


Boo.com, as we all know, isn't related to Halloween, but there are a few scary, ghostly and morbid quips that come to mind about the site's life. Anyway, NYC and festive towns around the world celebrated the night of ghouls in style with parades and parties. The NYC Village Halloween Parade (http://halloween-nyc.com/) was the biggest and most publicized ever (seen on Sci-Fi.com). The parties were grand and extravagant.

Yahoo! Internet Life hosted a Web-O-Ween Contest in the Ziff-Davis offices during the day, and hosted a celebration at Hush that night. Characters on hand included Bruce Cohen (The Bruce Cohen Group) as Napster (pirate hat, big ears and a stereo-headset), The Conference Board's Andra Moss as the Bride of Frankenstein and Margot Finley was elegantly attired with a bird mask. Chatting it up and enjoying the festive ceiling decorations – skulls with breasts and cardboard cutouts of shoes and lips – were Gaijin.com's Mark Frieser, Mercury Interactive's James O'Connor (as an LLBean model), DutyFreeGuide's Bernardo Joselevich in a simple black t-shirt, and HipGuide's Syl Tang in a festive pink and red ensemble. Before heading out to the next scary club, I chatted with Billboard's special correspondent Jim Bessman and "Weekend Joy" reporter Sumi Shirai.

Mr. O'Connor escorted me to the Stuff Magazine party at Centro-fly, where we re-encountered Mark Frieser and Jared Carney of RealtyIQ. We opted out of the noisy nightmare to a quiet drink at Cals.

Redwood Partners Marcelo Wainberg hosted a gathering in his spooky apartment, not far from the parade, and eRsvp threw a huge, hairy 70s party for dot-com zombies at Studio 54.