Tuesday, October 03, 2000

Hot and Bothered ~ by Joanna Fabozzi

First Tuesday's networking events started off in New York with a bang, but on October 3rd the Metropolitan Pavilion felt strangely sparse. The evening started off quite boring, so I took advantage of the fact that I didn't have to fight my way to the bar. Faced with 10 eager bartenders, I ordered a sparkling water and turned around to see the dashing Continuous Media's Chip Lewis. We spoke for a bit, and then I met Coreactive VP Jed Freeman, who expressed interest in networking events. Internet Television Network COO Barry Loshin told me that the Internet industry market isn't yet ready for online TV. But he added that by being a first-mover he'll be in a great position when the market is ready. Then I spoke with Craig Sterns and Lans King from OneStudio.com about what's going on in Asia. They have a very established foothold in the Asian market, and they're bringing their technology to New York, where they recently opened a new office. As I approached the Erotigo booth, I experienced a tingling feeling and picked up the sexy magnets and lollipops. I watched a laptop demonstration on where to find the best porn and lingerie on my Palm Pilot, and then headed out into the vast room with a new mission.