Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Converge With Zefer ~ By Joanna Fabozzi

On Tuesday my colleague Nikki Epstein and I ventured to Broadway and the ZEFER event.  We were graciously greeted by Melissa Grossman, managing director who introduced us to Imran Shah, Managing partner and Tony Tjan, co-founder and EVP.  ZEFER's Media & Telecommunications (M&T) Practice celebrated its launch and a very successful quarter in ZEFER's beautiful New York office on Wednesday night in an evening titled "Converge".  The event was attended by a number of ZEFER clients, Silicon Alley executives, as well as executives from New York's Media and Telecommunications community.  With invigorating music from a SoHo jazz band and captivating photos and animation from ZEFER's creative designers in the backdrop, guests hobnobbed over cocktails and Asian-fusion fare. After a few words from Imran Shah, Managing Partner of ZEFER's M&T Practice and Tony Tjan, ZEFER co-founder and EVP, the evening's culminated in a performance by a twelve-year old violinist from National Public Radio's "From the Top" program.