Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Cocktails with Courtney at Lounge 217

I was pleased to finally meet Ms. Pulitzer herself at the October Cocktails with Courtney in Santa Monica. Lounge 217 was the location, and it was a very mysterious, dimly-lighted bar with a lot of atmosphere. With the dark-paneled walls, the grey stone decorations and candle-light only back lighting, the bar had a very underground, European feel. 

Because I was early to arrive, I got to speak with Courtney and be introduced by her to other early arrivals. I chatted at length with Tim Hand, an Advertising Manager for Salon.com. He told me about other event listings I could find regarding the LA area, and then he introduced me to a pleasant woman from TeamOne (who didn't have her business cards handy!). They asked me questions about my Dallas activities and how I was enjoying the LA area, and we talked for a while but soon enough the event got into full swing and the bar quickly got crowded, to say the least! But the squeezed staff prevailed, passing around with delicious trays of fine delicacies, and compliments of CWC, I sipped on a gin spritzer before switching to water -- I had to leave early to try and visit another event that night in Pasadena. 

One of the nicest things about the evening for me was recognizing some of the attendees from other networking events, and I spoke with David Edwards and Charles Adams (both executive consultants with their own firms) and even more folks I know by face only, until Courtney walked up to introduce me to Arlene Wzsalek. Courtney thought we'd be a good match -- Arlene runs her own consulting firm (SW14Group), and as we chatted, she also told me about a social event she started long ago called "Ladies Who Dinner." She asked if I'd like to attend an upcoming dinner in November, and I agreed wholeheartedly. The dinners she organizes are opportunities for other empowered, strong-willed women who like to get together socially and who easily could end up doing business together. 

While we were still talking, other friends of Arlene came by and I was able to meet Irene Tchaikovsky. Surprise surprise, Irene also recently started her own consulting firm, Euclid Consulting, and we all talked about what our major business interests were and how we were all doing in the marketplace. Soon after, I had to make my exit to try and make my next meeting. (It was over by the time I got there, but at least I tried!) I look forward to the next LA CWC event, and hope to stay late, no matter how many people are squeezed in!