Monday, October 30, 2000

Earthpledge's Night of Mischief

The night before Halloween is the Night of Mischief but I wasn’t at anything too scary, thankfully. Earthpledge Foundation, which promotes the practical benefits of sustainable development , held a soiree in their stunning lofty modern carriage house for friends, advisors and sponsors. In thanks of all their time, guests were treated to a bountiful harvest dinner by Peter Berley, who teaches the Sustainable Cuisine cooking class series, and sampled fine wines. I got to chat with Joel Bluestein, a musician, record producer, VC, owner of and executive producer at Dreamland Recording Studio and member of the singing group. We chatted with Timon Malloy, president of Fred F. French Investing LLC about politics, Israel and

Being on the advisory board for SavvyVoter, a nonpartisan election forum and information resource for New York City voters, it was interesting to meet SavvyVoter project director Joshua Schaff and outreach expert Anthony Borelli. We chatted about this site and its aims to become one of the standard methods of communication for voters. Before dashing off to sample some of that yummy harvest dinner, I met director of programs on Governance and PublicPolicy at the Open Society Institute, Mark Schmitt. After checking out George Soros’ Web site and all the initiatives and efforts, I can see that Mark and many of his colleagues must be busy! (  Before leaving I met Monte Bartlett and Wild Kind Productions Richie Williamsen who does streaming media for EarthPledge and other clients.