Thursday, October 12, 2000

Lush-Scene In London

There's something about exploring the nightlife in other cities
that holds a sense of excitement and London's scene has been -- and
is more now than ever -- one of the coolest. On Thursday, October 12,
we hosted our third Cocktails with Courtney at one of the most
trendy spots in town. Kaberet is a tiny club off Beak Street that
has seen the likes of Prince William, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears and
Wyclef Jean darken its doorway. The tragically hip trendsetters sip
Sea Breezes in heart-pounding DJ-spun music, which massages their
muscles into loose limbs and lips for friendly meeting and dancing.

Our party this time was sponsored by Hoovers Online, which just
launched in the UK as Hoover's Europe. Managing Director Gehen
Talwaitte told guests that word-of-mouth method really works (over
200 rsvps), and that's the way they'd like to continue building
their base in London. Gehan and the Gnash PR team, including
managing director Narda Shirley, representatives Lise Colyer and
Robin Adams, all made a point of introducing the right people to
each other. I met First Tuesday's CEO Reade Fahs and AOL Europe's
Janet Baker and NewMediaAge editor Michael Nutley were there to
learn about us and Hoovers.

I also got to meet Lateral Thinker Jon Bains, SAGA Head of Digital
Media Michael Pritchett, Richard Hodkinson, Mark Riley and 404 Found!

Managing Director Serge Acker. I also spoke with Daniel Rose, a
marketing consultant with a sports focus, as well as W3 and
ParadigmViolators Managing Director Marcus Stafford and RAW
Communications' Richard Garnier. MRI International client services
director Keith Pullum introduced me to his associate Sarah De Jonge
and B Finance's Anthony Stone, Kevin Buck and Lee Pellicci.

Since the Streaming Media conference was in London the entire week,
some U.S.-based exhibitors who knew of our soiree also came by. I saw
iClips' Roger Carmien and Stella Alvo, and Online TV's Rick Siegel, who
had good reports from the show. Avenue A's Director of International
Sales Neil Benton presented his new business card, which reveals his
move to the UK from the States. CNN Financial News Producer Penny Manis
was eager to have me on her show next time we're in London, so maybe
you'll catch us on the "telly" out there now.

The party ended promptly at 9:30 PM, so Kabaret could make room for
Damon, Spears and Wyclef (all confirmed guests), and we promptly moved
onto another trendy little joint called Allison's Party. Downstairs we
snacked on more treats (bangers and mash, etc.) After all the
excitement I decided I'd better take it easy the rest of the night. So,
I headed to my trendy little hotel (57 Pont Street) to
catch up on some Zzzs.