Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Martinis in the Windy City

While New Yorkers were amidst wild celebration with the Mets and
Yankees securing their spot in the World Series, Chicagoans were
focusing on the debate and a new-style of networking.

Our first Cocktails with Courtney came into town as the first of
our three-part series for CondeNet's 5th year anniversary. Starting
in Chicago, CondeNet will be hosting parties for Los Angeleans and
San Francisoans next week. Our first party was held at the very
swank and plush club Harry's Velvet Lounge. We had guests coming
from many media properties and a few New Yorkers even came out to
participate in the festivities. FCB Chicago was well-represented
with interactive media supervisor Brendan Kelly, VP associate media
director Karen Guthrie and media supervisor Kevin Lilly. RealTime
Media digital marketing executive Michael Slott was enjoying a
martini with his friend, who had sparking teeth-good thing since
she's in the dental profession! Continental Resources' Len Olson,
Eva Geiger, Shawn Timmerman were enjoying this new cocktail party
forum and I also was able to chat with's Sean Kennedy.
Redwood Partner's managing director Randy Schoenfeld was in town and
introduced me to Chicago-based Denise Bindelglass who started up
that office. He also introduced me to Playboy Enterprises manager,
corporate media communications Angela DePaul and senior editor
Maribeth Bruno. We mused on the idea of our next Cocktails with
Courtney at the Mansion! Some New York and Chicago 24/7 folks
stopped by and I met regional sales manager Courtney McGovern
and East coast sales account exec. Alex Hanan. Indignant Online's
publisher Todd Allen was indeed indignant when he met me. His
first words were "You're in my territory." Gee! Personally, I
feel cyber space is big enough for everyone.

But the real reason why we were celebrating the night was for
CondeNet, and NY-based international sales manager Jennifer Cole
spoke to the gathered crowd to say a few words and thank them for
their support over the last five years. CondeNet does enjoy some
of the Webs most classiest properties including my favorites:,, and Webby-nominated CondeNet's New York contingent was also represented by
Barbara Knight, Emily Smith and Wendy Mure, who all looked smashing
in their tres chic outfits as they worked the crowd and socialized.
Lots of guests mingled and munched on tasty treats like roast beef,
shrimp and crudite. Red wine, Bombay martinis and beers flowed as
guests warmed up to each other in a lovely kick-off event to
CondeNet's first of their trio fifth-year anniversary.