Tuesday, April 04, 2000

Women sowing SEEDs

When Annie Lennox belted out "Sisters are Doin' it For Themselves" in 1985,
she probably wasn’t anticipating how the Internet would be a catalyst to so
many women-owned businesses. And there's another force to help women -- and
men -- feel empowered to take their businesses from entrepreneurial
situations to thriving businesses. It’s a unique model of Sustainable
Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics (SEED) called "The Seed Handbook" by
Lynne Franks, who was a powerful presence at the launch party at
Bloomingdale's Le Train Blue on April 4th. In addition to having the book
released in 15 languages, Ms. Franks is also contributing to the
entrepreneurial business channel at iVillage. Nancy Evans, Editor-in-Chief
and iVillage Co-Founder, was among the successful women present in this
classically appointed train car and upscale restaurant hidden in Manhattan.
And you can't be in Bloomingdale's without being exposed to fashion --
Lynne was in a Christina Kim "Dosa" design that had a stunning purple and
tan mixture of patterns and fabrics. Other iVillagers present were Tori
Crimmins (who is working on setting up the London office), Morra Aarons and
Erika Faust in a black-silk, quilted pantsuit. MaryBeth Evans of "Video
Fashion" on E! Style Network was filming the event, and Cathryn Fisher and
Melissa McCarthy of Tommy Hilfiger turned out for the event as well. The
seeds were planted for a wonderful evening for women to network and
celebrate this empowering author and book.