Tuesday, April 25, 2000

A bit of a Sequoia

The Ambrose and Peking buoyed gently under the looming Wall Street buildings, twinkling with lit floors of late-night workers. Just three floors up at the Sequoia restaurant on the nearby Pier 17 in the South Street Seaport, over 700 youngsters guzzled beers and devoured conversations for the Downtown Alliance's Bits, Bytes and Bar on April 25th. Among the account execs and nurses (Vivian Shevlin and Joanna Shlebor) who came, I saw Jack Marks of The Wall Street Reporter and Justin Zimmerman, a representative of the city of Yokohama. Anna Goldenshteyn of moving.com was gleefully telling her co-worker Aaron Letscher about the various colors her hair had been (purple, blue, blond, multi-striped) and the various places she had piercings. Tables of co-workers from "dot-coms" laughed uproariously over Sam Adams' and sported glittery pinwheels as hair and shirt adornments. Lisa Novitt of the Downtown Alliance told me how the Sequoia was so helpful with accommodating her growing crowd and that they've taken over the entire up and down stairs bars. We spoke about crowd control and how this industry is growing so much that what starts as a small soiree can (and usually does) turn into a major event!