Saturday, April 29, 2000

I want my eToy!

The TOYWAR may be over, but the eToy soldiers descended on New York for their exhibition opening at the Postmasters Gallery on April 29. eToy, a group of experimental artists and programmers, have become quite well known on the media front for their resistance and net-savvy tactics against, which attempted to (1) buy them out (for reportedly $500,000), (2) force them to take down their site and (3) shut them down. finally backed down, and the court dismissed the case in February 2000. The eToy exhibit included a walk-in viewing booth where guests could interactive with the history and TOYWAR story. On my way to interview Mono, of (all dressed in black jumpsuits with orange vests), Douglas Rushkoff said, "This is the place to be!" It certainly was for the several dozen artists who came out of support and curiosity. Mono explained that they were issuing some more stock certificates -- 2-by-2 feet, high-quality, digital prints mounted on aluminum -- to supporters who invested more than $3,000. Plastic cups of seltzer water quenched the thirst of the artists, as they listened to DJ Spooky spin his vinyl.