Wednesday, April 19, 2000

"Breaking Into Broadband"

"Breaking Into Broadband" hosted by Alan Brody, Program Director, TECHmarketing -- a report from Mary Dawne Arden (

Alan Brody founded SABC, ibreakfast, SAVVE and eTV World and New York's first Macintosh Expo with a focus on technology marketing. Brody founded an interactive advertising conference CREAtech in 1993, which evolved into Hollyweb Live! & eTV World. At the April 19, SABC about the FUTURE of BROADBAND, Gerard Kunkel, VP Marketing, WorldGate, spoke on this topic. Kunkel is responsible for the development and deployment of WorldGate¹s unique Channel Hyperlinking business and technology and oversees the development of strategic partnerships with TV Networks, advertisers and content providers.

Here are some of his points he mentioned in his presentation: WorldGate Communications, Inc., a developer of interactive television, commercially deploys Internet access using advanced analog and digital cable television converters and existing cable infrastructure. Digital deployment features include Java, Java Script, picture-in-picture, audio and video streaming and printer support.

One of the most inspiring things WorldGate is doing is their WISHTV program to eliminate the "Digital Divide."  WorldGate has launched a nationwide initiative, The WISH TV(sm) Program, aimed at closing the "Digital Divide."  WISH TV  (WorldGate Internet School and Home TV) is a public service program supported by WorldGate, participating cable set-top manufacturers and cable operators.  WorldGate works with the local school systems to provide a full year of free in-home Internet access (using a cable converter and standard television set) to all students in a specified pre-high school grade.

Chairman and CEO Hal Krisbergh, a 19-year veteran of the cable industry, founded WorldGate in March 1995. He was previously president of General
Instrument's Communications Division, responsible for the cable and satellite equipment businesses. Traded on NASDAQ under the symbol WGAT. The Web site address is

Clifford J. Schorer, President & Co-CEO, Lucent's GeoVideo Network He is the co-chief executive officer of GeoVideo Networks, which he co-founded as a new business within Lucent Technologies New Ventures Group.

Cliff told an attentive audience: Broadband is moving at a high velocity and will transform our internet experience into a blend of seamless experiences combining the visual power of Digital picture with the vast Universe open to us through the World Wide Web! Very soon we will not know where one begins and the other ends.

Cliff is a member of the faculty of Columbia University Graduate School of Business where he teaches Launching New Ventures. In addition, he has taught at AT&T University where he developed a five-day program for commercializing technology.