Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Downtown hipsters

Down TriBeCa's way was Daniel Holton-Roth's Broome Street Media's launch of Shortfest.com, the web's first curated short film site. It has amassed five curators and 25 films in its first month of operation. Loud and smoky, the downstairs front room of Obeca Li was filled with hipsters in thick-framed, blue-lens glasses, sporting cropped, spiky, moussed hair, thrift-store cords and tees, and cocktails in hand. By the bar I saw Justin Zimmerman, man about town representing the City of Yohokoma, and Steve Ellerton and Michele Courtney of Fort Point Partners. Jack Marks, that dapper dude on the beat of the Wall Street Reporter, introduced me to some friends. Making my way 'round the room, I chatted with Paul Nisser and Derek Chen, who's finishing up his studies at Columbia U. Syl Tang of Hipguide.com came over to tell me about some fun party plans she has in the works.