Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Women of Influence

Bringing together a select group of high-net-worth women, Salomon Smith Barney, Citibank’s Private Bank and Women & Co. hosted a symposium for Women of Influence” on angel investing. Set in the Regency Hotel on Tuesday, April 18, women from banking groups, guests of speakers and other “monied” women came to feast on salmon fillets and hear the distinguished Marge Magner, head of Citibank North America and Primerica, speak. Kay Koplovitz, CEO of WorkingWomenNetwork, also offered her point of view on how women with money to invest can find appropriate angel groups. She also spoke about the structures of these groups and what to expect after making the leap into angel financing.

Miles Spencer, co-host of "Money Hunt," gave the audience some tips and anecdotes for pitching on his show and in general. You've got eight minutes to answer a firing line of questions. So, be prepared with your answers. Rounding out the remarks was Keith Abell, co-president of Greenwich Street Partners. He commented that based on the audience, one of his senior employees, Christine VanDer Muhl, should have spoken for him. But she was busy managing the European Mezzanine Funds. Lisa Caputo, president of Women & Co., and Lizzie Stern of Salomon Smith Barney thanked the guests for coming and hinted at future networking forums.