Friday, April 21, 2000

Bits & Bytes -and- Shakers & Stirrers 4/21/00

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Snipes Joins Environmental Defense
Model Leaves Predict
Serlin joins two VC groups
Jan Zlotnick opens strategic "rethink tank"

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Bluewave Formalises Vision
Cone Interactive Signs On StarMedia Network and
PC Week Becomes eWEEK
Centerseat and Y2G Create Y2G-CENTERSEAT.COM
The TV show @ soapbox. April 21 - may 21
Girl Groove's Newest Issue is Waiting for You!
Qwest Signs 10-Year Lease
Predict It, Inc. Wants to Report
Digital Hollywood Welcomes Noted Speakers
StarCite Also Introduces Connect the Industry Program
Women Rule

Bluewave Formalises Vision

As Europe's largest independent web creations company, Bluewave knows
how to deliver stunning web sites to its clients. Now it's going one step further
by forming Bluewave Vision, a consultancy dedicated to helping clients get
oriented in the electronic age and leverage online business opportunities.
Bluewave's development team will still provide the hands-on production
and implementation services that have helped its clients achieve world-class
web presence. Vision can deliver guidance in any form, from a single focus
meeting all the way through to the conceptual and creative development,
technical documentation, traffic analyses and monitoring and ongoing
enhancement ideas.

Cone Interactive Signs On StarMedia Network and

Cone, Inc.'s Interactive practice has hit the big time. By signing on
StarMedia Network and, the agency achieved
$1 million in additional billings through year-end 2000. The agency
will position StarMedia Network, the leading Internet media
company for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking audiences worldwide,
with U.S. audiences and help build its brand identity. Cone will also
develop marketing communications strategy in support of business-to-
business and trade initiatives. For, Cone will initially
develop brand positioning and launch media relations activities to both
business and trade publications followed by the development and
implementation of consumer outreach activities in third quarter 2000.

PC Week Becomes eWEEK

Going the way of the "E," PC WEEK is changing its name to eWEEK.
Management says that PC WEEK was built on being the focal point
of the PC revolution. The next wave is something the publication works
with every day: the Internet. PC WEEK has always been a digital pioneer.
Compuserve forums, Interchange, a Mosaic-based web site before Netscape
was incorporated, audio and video webcasting and, most recently, online web
seminars and lab testing using the Internet itself as the test bench are its
heritage. Over the past 18 months, the company has aggressively developed
our circulation strategy to be focused on our subscribers involvement
with the Internet and eBusiness. It has restructured its news, analysis
and lab groups to become the preeminent information source for companies
undertaking e-commerce and Internet-based business initiatives.
This project is a stealth restructuring where the final, rather than the first,
step is a name change.

Centerseat and Y2G Create Y2G-CENTERSEAT.COM

Get immersed in entertainment with Y2G-CENTERSEAT.COM, a total
entertainment experience for Y2G visitors. Centerseat Inc. (,
the global digital media and commerce facilitation company, and Y2G.COM,
a cutting edge Internet portal founded by FUBU to target the trendsetting
African-American community, announced a partnership to create
Y2G-CENTERSEAT.COM, a co-branded total immersion entertainment
experience created for Y2G visitors. At Y2G-CENTERSEAT.COM, users
will view programs specifically selected for them from Centerseat's vast offering
of entertainment content, which includes over 100,000 hours of originally produced
material and acquired films and classic TV. Viewers will also have the opportunity
to buy products from and selected by Y2G while watching the entertainment.
Y2G-CENTERSEAT.COM will be accessible through Y2G's entertainment
portal ( Centerseat will also partner with Y2G to produce
Y2G sponsored events and special programming--a unique partnership to bring
the FUBU-Y2G style to the Internet.

The TV show
-15 Independent Networks

@ soapbox
April 21 - may 21
(Hours: Sat & Sun, noon - 5, or by appointment)

Want to explore television in all its glory? Check out The TV Show, an exhibit of
 over 15 independent television networks. Experience full-body-channel surfing
as you peruse programs like "The Young and the Stupid", "Happiness", "Drinking
and Boating", "Up Yours," and more. The exhibit explores contemporary models
of desire through television - the machine itself, as well the mechanisms by which
it broadcasts our objects of desire. Edith and Archie's living room chairs are in the
Smithsonian to be preserved as part of the cultural legacy of this country. The
Watergate hearings became one of the most dramatic "shows" in the history of
television, and the ratings for the OJ trial are proof that the American
public embraces improvisational theater; and now the TV Show embraces the
debasing of the cultural discourse. It is a crazy social sculpture.

Girl Groove's Newest Issue is Waiting for You!

Girl Groove is the newest content affiliate of Chick Click, a
great collection of chick-specific sites. The Girl Groove also launched its
Discussion. You can reach it through the drop-down menu or click on the
link at the bottom of the Home Page. Check out Beau's great training program
in Did You Ride Today? The Metal Cowboy writes about Complications in
View from the Saddle. And, one of the top junior racers in the country, Kelly
Mandrell, is keeping her journal in Good Sports. If all that has whetted your
appetite, check out the great original recipe on Good Food.

Qwest Signs 10-Year Lease

 The AT&T building has added another communications tenant to its
roster. Denver-based Qwest Communications International has taken nearly
160,000 square feet in the landmark structure at 32 Avenue of the Americas.
A spokesperson at Rudin Management Co., the building's owner,
confirmed the deal was signed but would not discuss the particulars of the
contract. Sources close to the transaction, however, say the 10-year lease was
inked for $48 a square-foot. They are expected to move in sometime in July.
Qwest, which merged last year with U S West, already occupies a total
of 260,000 square feet in several locations throughout the city.
The company will join MCI WorldCom - which has signed to take 110,000
square feet in the building - and NorthEast Optic Network, which merged with
Con Ed last November. The largest tenant is still AT&T, which will retain 400,000 square
feet of the building's 1.15 million feet for the foreseeable future.

Predict It, Inc. Wants to Report

Predict It, Inc., has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission
to become a reporting company as soon as SEC rules permit. The Internet
service documents and rewards users based on their prediction performance
in event categories such as sports and finance. This action is intended to
allow Predict It, Inc. to maintain its eligibility for quotation on the
National Association Securities Dealer OTC Bulletin Board. Predict It, Inc.
is a leading developer and distributor of technologies that enhance the usability
and increase the "stickiness" of destination websites. The innovative patent-pending
prediction exchange system objectively documents and rewards users ("analysts")
based on their prediction performance in event categories such as
sports and finance.

Digital Hollywood Welcomes Noted Speakers

Several Keynote speakers have been added to Digital Hollywood New York,
May 15-18, 2000 at the Puck Building. They include investigative reporter
extraordinaire, Carl Bernstein who is now Executive Vice President and Executive
Editor of; Emmy Award Winning Producer of Law & Order, Dick Wolf;
and technology industry legend, John Sculley, CEO, Sculley Brothers and
and former CEO of Apple Computer and Pepsico. They will be join the already
amazing line-up of music and film star, Courtney Love, News
Anchor Sam Donaldson with an introduction by Kenneth Hertz, Senior Music Partner,
Hansen, Jacobson. See the entire updated agenda of the most comprehensive conference
in the country at

StarCite Also Introduces Connect the Industry Program

StarCite, Inc., innovators of the Internet's leading global business-to-business
E-Commerce meetings and events marketplace ( plans
To build  free customized meeting and event planning Internet sites for corporations.
StarCite says that closes loop between buyers and sellers. These sites will provide
suppliers with the ability, for the first time, to view and respond to Request for
Proposals (RFPs] online and in real-time from the RFP Management section of
their custom site.

Women Rule

Women are on the top of the small business arena. According to the US office of
Economic Research, women-owned businesses represent about 1/3 of all
businesses in the United States, generating $3.1 trillion dollars in revenue
in 1998. Although women own a third of all businesses, they do not receive
equivalent amounts of either government or private capital investments. Ground
Floor Ventures can help change that. The fund was established as a high-tech
business incubator that closes the gender gap. It is leveling the playing field for
women in the software and internet-development space and providing equal
access to the resources they need to be successful. Ground Floor
Ventures (GFV) is located at the Monroe Center for the Arts, 720
Monroe Street, Hoboken, New Jersey. In addition to  high-speed
Internet access, the incubator will provide an orchestrated
series of technological, developmental and business support services
including seed capital and funding advisory services through alliances with
investment firms, accounting, bookkeeping and tax services; Internet,
connectivity and web development services; legal services; marketing,
advertising and branding expertise; business development and strategic
planning; and executive recruitment services.