Friday, April 14, 2000

TCS Intro ~ 4/14/00

Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene (tm) ~ April 14, 2000


This week

Get a boot start

A new space for an established foundation

Smoke gets in your eyes at Silicon Alley Nights

That's Mr. E-Society to you, wiseguy!

Sony Wonder-ous Thunder-ousGulch

Silicon Alley does 21st Street

The Cyber Scene in Dallas ~ by Gregg Wetterman
The Cyber Scene in Seattle ~ by Larry Sivitz and Soula Jones

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APERIAN -- Connectivity/Hosting
SPARKLIST -- Mailing list services
NANDO MEDIA -- Script services

Recent Press:
* Business Week, April 3, 2000 issue and online
* Harper's Bazaar, April 2000
* The Spirit, March 16, 2000

Check out the London show! It's all there and in full motion for your lovely, bright, eager eyes to see! We'd love your feedback too!
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