Friday, April 21, 2000

The Cyber Scene in Dallas ~ by Gregg Wetterman

Record Round of Funding
As most of you know by now set a record with their latest round of financing that they closed on Monday at midnight. While it is a record round of funding both industry insiders and analysts are unsure if it will be enough to support their debt structure. We are already hearing rumors that they plan another round early in 2001.

From the Deck
Tuesday night started with the TIE – NET meeting on the roof of the Green Room in Deep Ellum. Scient was the sponsor for this month’s festivity and they went all the way. You have to love events that are planned well enough that you run out of people before you run out of food and drinks. I give TIE NET and Scient this months two thumbs up award for best event. Brent Mellow a co-founder of gave me the scoop on their launching the next day.

Singing the Blues
After TIE-Net it was time to hit the Redblood Club, which is a couple of streets over in Deep Ellum. Brian McKinney VP of Biz Strategy / Interactivist at Rare Medium had invited me over to the open mic night that Rare Medium is hosting on Tuesday nights. Since I was late I missed the crowd but from what I did see it will be on my list of weekly events to make.

Texas Size Drinks
The weekly “High Tech Happy Hour” was at Frijoles in Los Colinas this week. They must have the largest drinks in the city. They serve drinks in what appear to be pitchers, although they call them mugs. It was a great evening to be on the Patio. Matt Melcher and Alicia Garriotte showed up wearing their new colors. They have been senior recruiters with a national placement firm, but on Friday they started and they specialize in the Dot Com space.

“Having The Time of My Life”