Wednesday, September 08, 1999

Cheatah! Cheetah!

Usually if you're getting felt up by a woman before a party, the night's got some interesting potential outcomes, but I wasn't sure why the female security guard had to run her hands over my body before I entered UstreamIt, One Source and Black Diamond's party on Wednesday, September 8. In any case, I entered safely into the Cheetah Club for the pre-launch party. Bill Willman, president of UstreamIt, explained how they were letting people make their own channel at the event and serving up the videos. One Source, according to president & CEO Bill Herndon, provides an interactive website for musicians to post their music for consumers, who can purschase it. SocAlleyite-in-the-know-Bernardo Joselevich of introduced me to some of the other guests, like Michael Barr, managing director of UstreamIt and Paul Krasinski of the Business Incubation Group. Erika Jakubassa of "Flatiron Magazine" was there, and Janeen Saltman and I spoke about her own party planning business over the din of music and socializing going on by a large number of folks in super tight slick black trendy suits. Long free and braided hair for the girls swung around and the men were all pumped up! Buzz Publicity president Ellyn Harris was friends with the promotion firm for this event, Black Diamond, and told me of her involvement in the music and entertainment world. Speaking of entertainment, one of our original creatives in the Alley, Jaime Levy of Electronic Hollywood stopped by for some new media-style networking and with a shimmy across the dance floor, I decided to slip out and onto the next event.