Wednesday, September 08, 1999

He's not heavy, he's my Hevasi

Traversing Fifth Avenue I went from one world into another. Fortunately in my pale green suit, and in the humid weather, I felt chameleon-like, and was able to go from black & faux leopard into white and natural woods. I landed at the offices of, where Paul Lightfoot (CEO, Foodline), was hosting a fund-raising cocktail party in honor of Alan G. Hevesi for his 2001 mayoral campaign. In the elevator up Frank Levy, of Wasabi Fund, and I exchanged elevator pitches. His connection to the event? Brian Robertson, former CTO of and now technical programming manager at Amazon, is an investor in his company and Foodline.

This party was a great exercise in "6 Degrees." Everyone was a friend of someone who worked with Paul, went to law school with Paul, or was a lawyer and knew another attorney who knew Paul. I chatted with Bill Gray whose company, Signal Capital has recently changed their name to Signal Equity Partners. I introduced him to Jonathan Perkel, of Morrison & Forrester, and who was telling me how his firm had to hire a rep. from Microsoft to come in an configure their browsers so they can see sites with Java, flash, and any other technology out there--other than straight-text pages on grey backgrounds. Peter Gallagher, Ray Javdan and Daniel Eichner were also there in support of Hevesi, though Hevesi hadn't come by by the time I headed out.