Friday, September 10, 1999

Apologia: Nando Media's apology to TCS readers

While not the "end of file" for this tome, it spurred some grunts of disapprovement from sensitive Cyber Scene readers after a technical glich this past weekend. 'Twas not any one person's fault, but a reminder that we must sometimes beware of technology, because if we become lax about it, or take it for granted, it can hiccup and spew out a whole mess!

Cyber Scene readers, Thank You for your support and understanding during the email situation that occurred early Saturday, September 4th. I was notified that morning and quickly alerted my mailhost provider of the problem. They responded quickly, but not before a significant number of bounced messages reached all of you, much to many of your annoyance.

Many of you recognized the symptoms of a program gone awry and deleted the extraneous bounces. Thank you. Many of you also recognized this, but also spoke out. Thank you for your concern. Nothing like a crisis to bring out some true colors! Regardless, Nando satisfactorily addressed the issue and has been supportive in dealing with the after effects.

Acting President & Publisher James Calloway responded to those that wrote in, but I thought I'd republish his explanation for all.

"Please accept my apology for the email flood that poured into your inbox over the weekend. We host Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene mailing list here at Nando Media and take full responsibility for the inconvenience this problem caused you. In the early hours of Saturday, Sept. 4, the mailing list software went into a loop and began spewing administrative messages to the members of the list. These messages never were intended for you and reached you only because of a failure of the system. Although we corrected the problem on Saturday, the breakdown should never have occurred in the first place, and we are investigating its causes. We also are putting filters on our mail server as an extra protection in case the software fails again before we find the root cause."

Thank you for your patience.
James Calloway, Acting President & Publisher
Nando Media, a McClatchy New Media company