Thursday, September 23, 1999

Shimmy, shimmy KoKo Pop!

The relaxed and friendly lounge atmosphere of Otis served up comfy chairs for Jason Parkin, Valerie Boyko, Will Sears and Gloria Ehrenberg of Blue Dingo and Matt Straznitskas of BrainBug. Chris Gierlich, Gavin Becker, Liam Tumulty and Mike Meyers also of Blue Dingo were sharing a chaise on the other side. Druce Vertes waltzed in and Katie Peters and Spencer Spinnell of KokoPelli ambled in for some good drinks and hearty hors d'oeuvres on Thursday, September 23rd. The occasion of this gathering? Just some good solid people from some good solid companies getting together for some good solid fun. Katie told me about some of their recent projects and products, and how the "news is following them!" They seem to be finishing projects just as the press begins to write about various trends. For instance, they developed HotKoko, a web-based application for leasing to service companies that provides instant relationship management through an extranet. Matt of BrainBug told me how his firm's growing successfully and attested to HotKoko as his company is using it. On my way out Glen Lipka of Kokopelli and Tery "Good Karma of the Internet" Spataro were sipping on beers and cosmos and enjoying the fine fall night.