Thursday, September 23, 1999

Creative Goodness Gracious

Peter Shankman of the techno-wonder-computer-geek PR firm, The Geek Factory, commented that "nothing against other parties, but there seems to be a High Level in the room, intellectually, creatively and financially." I agreed. Just looking around the cavernous space for Creative Good's launch party, you could feel the solidity and solidarity of people committed to making good use of the web. As I entered the space I ran immediately into one of my best friends, James O'Connor of Mercury Interactive and his wife, HBS '98 grad and Zefer's NYoffice GM, Melissa Grossman. To their right were Burt Alimansky of Alimansky Capital, Arlene West of NY Business Forums, attorney David Leffler, Barry Schreiber of Richard A. Eisner & Company and Phil Terry, Creative Good's CEO (and HBS grad.) There were many HBS grads roaming around including new man-about-town Sean Jacobsen, who's consulting with just about everyone.

Walking a bit further into the space I bumped into HBS grads Isabel Walcott of Smartgirl and Anne Keogh of Walt Disney, who appeared on Broadway in Annie and was a child star for many years, and now--guess what?--she's in the Internet business! Ian Kerner of Arc Interactive, Denise Seidner and Colleen Kuehn, president, of were chatting with Kathy Reilly, VP customer loyalty and Spencer Waxman, co-founder, of Flooz. Larry Pearl of Ecom Advisors and Dynamic Logic's Nick Nyhan and I hovered by the Chinese food station -- nibbling on fruit and nuts as others waited on line, at the other end, to be served some stir fry. Once served, guests walked around with Chinese food containers. Sarah Lefton and I caught up a bit since I'd last seen her (was it that long ago, at the Mermaid Parade?!) And on his way 'round the room, Scott Heiferman of I-traffic hovered to say "hello" and chat a bit the high quality of the guests. On my way out I chatted with NYU Stern MBA grads David Turnbull and Arul Sundaram.

Lynn Moloney, director marcomm at just flew in from 4 days of commercial production in Dallas, and we jetted uptown together to the book party.