Wednesday, September 15, 1999

And even more conferences?

Not to be deterred by the impending weather, this week also marked EntertainNet Marketing conference, Fashion Week and the College Music Festival. I attended one party for, a indie music sites for bands and CDs, at the Cooler on Wednesday, September 15. The party hadn't started yet and as a result there were about 20 of us milling about outside in the Meat Market District--me, in a cream colored dress and heels, and about 18 young musicians dressed in black. So we went down the street to the Village Idiot Bar and listened to a country song "Beer is good for you" and chatted. The band I mingled with was Aleutian (, named after the Island. "Our music is cold and the island is too…We're more productive in cold climates," said Mike Dobkowski, bassist in the band. He and his brother, Steven (drummer, electronic samples), Jeremy Prebost (keyboards, engineer, webmaster) and Brad Prenda (vocals, guitar) all drove from Chicago this day and were on 2 hours of sleep. They're performing in one of the wired clubs in town, the Spiral on East Houston at 6:00 pm on Friday.