Thursday, September 30, 1999

Thursday night's the Boogie Night!

WebStakes their claim

WebStakes enjoyed their Four Year Anniversary at the Key Club on Thursday, September 30th. Unity Stoakes (dir. marcomm) and Daniel Feldman (president) were greeting guests till the very end and told me they've got 60 employees total now, 15 of which they flew in from San Francisco. Of course they did a sweepstakes and some lucky winners got a Palm Pilot and a weekend on Webstakes, anywhere in the USA!

It's YourDay mania

It doesn't take a supermodel to pack a party for the web world, but the launch party of had Victoria Secret model Laetitia Casta as part of their draw for the 300+ guests. The big loft space at 428 Broadway was filled up with friends and industry workers like Paul Kotonis (Sensenet) who brought in a bunch of cyber-scenestirs. Later, I met two blokes from London--Jon Bains of Lateral Thinker and the media director for Modem Media in London.

            Uproarious good time

…was had by all at Uproar's bash at Studio Daylight on 31st Street. Why was there such a bubalou about? Well, why not? They've got a new site design, lots of fun games added, growth like you've never seen and (honestly--they're a good partying bunch!)

            Gotta Bolt!

And the final stop on Thursday's dance card was's party at Twirl. They had a hot new band, Bicycle, playing, which just signed with Capricorn records and Dan Pelson and Jane Mount were busy as host and hostess for the event. There cause celebre was festive and buzzing -- as is their site, which features one of the cooler e-commerce solutions I've seen -- users get to choose what they want to see sold online, not just have to stick with what's available!