Saturday, September 25, 1999

Cocktails and a movie

Next to the decidedly older, bejeweled, coiffed assemblage outside Carnegie Hall, there was a decidedly younger but equally stylish set gathering outside the Directors Guild Theater on 57th Street. Among the Pashima draped shoulders and Kenneth Cole clad feet, new media-ites like NYNMA executive director Alice O'Rourke, her husband, and iXL's Diane Butler. Angela Victor (NBC Interactive), Debra Sito (E-QualityKids Corp.), Kara Holmstrom (Edventure Holdings) and Lynda Fox-Frazer (Columbia House) were also among the many guests who arrived at the DGT on Saturday, September 25th for the preview screening of Warner Bros. newest movie "Three Kings." ( Don Buckley, SVP theatrical marketing & new media, Warner Bros. read a review of the film before it started to the "Cocktails With Courtney" attendees and WB associates including Simon Applebaum (Editor, Cablevison Magazine), Ella Newman (VP, The Bank of NY), Robert Jutson (managing director, Griffin Capital), Francis Chimenti and Christopher Faruol of Merrill Lynch.

The movie was stunning, as Don fortold, and might even be an Academy contender. If you think this film is just a guy-war flick, think again. George Clooney, Mark Walhberg and Ice Cube carry us through an emotional, laugh-filled, emotional journey of after-war, but still warring Iraq. We go with them on pursuit of stolen gold and their efforts to return it to Kuwait. We become involved with Iranian rebels and families, and the soldiers themselves. Equally as riviting, beside the story-line, was the cinematography and David Russell's unique use of stills, time-lapse photography, over-exposed shots and silence between dramatic takes.

Web-workers might also appreciate the website, which has clips, bulletin boards, postcards, sounds, chat and a timeline. Using IPIX technology you could check out the "assmap," see special presentations in Flash and trailers in WindowsMedia or Real Players.

Afterwards Todd Cohen (EZCD), Nick Boris (ABC News), Lydia Sugarman (the Good Egg) and Laura Taylor (Matrix Group, Washington, DC), Serena Doshi (Liv4Now) and Sean Malatesta (Yack!) and many other scene-stirs compliemented the movie and the fun cocktails, hors d'oeurvres (provided by Cakes & Ale) and wine from Gundlach Bundschu vineyards.

The theater was darkened, and outside a smaller group formed. I then led Sean Jacobson, Joe Murphy, Bernardo Joselevich, Kathleen Wallace (iVillage) and some companions traipsed over to the newly opened (this week) Campbell Apartment. Once more we were stunned this evening by this room's stunning ceiling and private library decorations (originals from Mr. Campbell's apt. in the 40s.)