Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Vampires in the 'Hood

In Anne Rice's novels the vampires are usually unusually tall and striking. And the party on Wednesday, September 22 at Studio Seven was late enough and sexy enough to lure some striking tall people out -- vampires or not. Mind you, there were plenty of short people who were pleasing to gaze at as well at this celebration of their new $5mm TV ad campaign, which starts on Sunday during the Simpsons season premiere.

Michael O'Donnell, CEO and president of introduced the dream team sales crew to the crowd of mostly advertisers, agencies and creatives. Guillermo Suescum of Internet+ and Michael Domicam of Gray Entertainment were among the many appropriately trendily-attired guests. Albert Crane of Salon, Jerry Seeman of LuxCore, James Healy ( and Lea deFrancisci were there, enjoying the still-in-their-delivery-tins-chinese food. Cass Almendrai, Melissa Kirby and Samuel Galeota of Computer Intelligence Group were there for some shoulder-rubbing with new media folks, as were Chris Lukas, CIO of ETCData, Charles Monlineaux of CNNfn's Nasdaq market site and Donna Morrow of Morrow & Company.

On my way out I met Jason "Xavier" Root of Sanford Bernstein & Co., Meredyth Gertner of Advantage and Patrick Hurley of the Salon SF office. He was exuberant about their new offices in November, which will be a marked improvement from working on cramped card tables.