Thursday, September 23, 1999

You go GURL!

And go they did! That fabulous trio of go-gurl-getters Rebecca Odes, Esther Drill and Heather McDonald celebrated in style on Thursday, September 23rd at the big loft in Chelsea for their book "Deal With It!" This rav-arific event had a whole other group of our lovable cyber celebs and among the most lovable were David Friedensohn of (have you seen their trucks 'round town?!), who was chatting with Ofer Cohen (of Sonicnet and my old neighbor), Michael Green (, Jaime Levy (Ehollywood) and Mark Scarpa (Jumpcut--which is apparently jumping). Corey Podolsky came by and as I sauntered over to the other side of the deck I ran into one of my most favorite people, Maura Johnston of and Joey Cavella, creative director of and some other dark and arty types were there in the dark upstairs space. I think some vampires might've been here too, as the full moon is almost here!