Tuesday, June 01, 1999

Vanguard Media's 10th Anniversary party

 Michael Pinto generously provided me with a lovely recap of Vanguard Media's 10th
 Anniversary party! The party was June 1st at the Korova Milk Bar--a place that is
 based on the Stanley Kubrick film "A Clockwork Orange." Michael said "We wanted
 to throw a party for all of our friends that wasn't a lame industry event. The people
 here are the folks who REALLY produce software and work in the trenches of the
 industry. You won't see any flakey new media types here, we have never been
 popular with that sort." And just for proof of point, among some of the real folks were
 Elizabeth Braswell, Star Trek Producer for Simon & Schuster Interactive; Michael
 Enright, Producer Macmillan Digital; Ken Kim, Ogilvy & Mather; Bruce Bernstein,
 President New York Software Industry Assocation; Ben Weintraub, Merit Audio
 Visual (leading educational software publisher in NYC); Andrea Pinto, Art Director at
 Deja (formerly Deja News) and the sister of Michael Pinto; Connie Davis Hall;
 Howard Beckerman, noted animator and film historian and over 100 other people
 came to celebrate. The classic 1936 H.G. Wells film "The Shape of Things to Come"
 played on the video monitors and music of The Pixies and Prodigy played on the
 speakers. Some WWWACies, Jen Runne, Larry Aronson and Marc Shifflett, came
 out to support the Vanguard crew, which was represented with Michael Pinto, Brian
 Cirulnick, Jesse Erlbaum and Gwen Singley. Congratulations on your first decade,
 Vanguard, and may we be writing about your 20th in 10 more years!