Tuesday, June 15, 1999

NYU CAT -- Preview of cutting edge technologies

Like an arcade for adults, the UltraViolet '99 NYU Center for Advanced Technology showcase on June 15 was a fireworks display for all the senses. In their newly renovated, state of the art facilities, the center had several rooms with computers and wiring and the environment for productive creativity. Interactive Technology Program student Jenna Park's creation was a soothing installation based on dreams. 5x7 inch-ish lanterns with a red glow inside suspended from the ceiling were wired so that when you touched them they created soothing sounds as they swung. Text from dreams covered the lantern-shades. I chatted with Bruce Bernstein, president, and David Jean, director of marketing, of NYSIA. They were excited about the new board they are bringing in and have lots of things going on, so check out my Calendar of Events for their listings! Ross Goldstein of Atlantic Ventures was there to check out software from showcasers like Improv Technologies. Improv is where Jim Burris (formerly of the NYU CAT) is now working, along with the artist-in-residence Mitch Butler who was a bright addition with his bright green leaf-motif shirt. They also have, apparently, the most amazing loft-like office space! Brad Balfour was enjoying himself as he mused about "card orgies" when you get too many in one pocket. Jude Huang, Jason Yung and David Sturman of MaMaMedia gave me an update on Fillus, the company's newest addition (and extraordinary coffee-maker). Rick Goldenberg (IBM) demoed a Web authoring tool for virtual imaging, HotMedia. Theresa McKenna of GeoTechGroup showed me how her company integrates real property data with tax maps so consumers can get valuable information. Alex Tuzhilin, an associate professor at NYU Stern was there showing off his 1:1 Pro product I met Aleksander Williams of Taurion.com and I must say Joni Nelson and Michael Covitt of the Sabatier Group win the award for the two best dressed new media financiers. On the way out I chatted with Chrisitan Cabanero of Kozmo.com, who told me they just opened an office in Seattle and are the largest distributor of Ben & Jerry's in NYC! Wow.