Tuesday, June 22, 1999

AIM dinner

The AIM dinner and a deal #10 co-sponsored with Empower America took advantage of simulcasting as Jack Kemp, Empower America's co-Director and Floyd Kvamme, partner of Kleiner Perkins and Chairman of EA spoke to a dinner audience at Maddalena's in Palo Alto and guests at the Metronome restaurant in New York. Started in '93 this organization has aims of becoming the premier organization to influence policy and core issues. They are committed to free enterprise solutions over unnecessary government intervention, summarize bills and let people react and have a voice through them. Jennifer Gustafson (asst. dir. of dev., EA) quoted Mr. Kemp with his theory that if a politician sees something move they'll try and tax it, if it moves again they'll regulate it and if it fails they'll try and subsidize it. Among dinner guests in New York were Mark Frisk of VCast, (Joystick Nation) and Biggs Tabler of Tabler Communications in Kentucky.